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Temporary Professional Support


TempPro - is our temporary-to-hire business offer that is designed to alleviate the administrative burden of recruiting, evaluating, screening, and interviewing full-time employees.  NTR provides highly skilled and prescreened employees to our clients that may lead to full-time employment.


Research has shown that more than 20 administrative tasks must be completed for every new hire, consuming over 50 hours of your staff's valuable time.  Yet there's still no guarantee that your new employee will fit well within your organization.  NTR gives our clients the unique option to evaluate an employee onsite before making a final hiring decision—ensuring the new employee is a good fit with co-workers, company culture and day-to-day responsibilities.



Direct Professional Staffing


StaffPro - is a direct hire service which provides highly qualified, prescreened candidates to our clients for permanent employment.  Recruiting costs are more than the cost of acquisition or the cost of turnover; they are also the cost of variable productivity.  StaffPro allows businesses to focus on what they do best-their core competencies and provides relief from the costly and labor-intensive activities related to the hiring process. NTR will meet and exceed your needs by acting as an extension of your company’s staffing efforts to match employee skills and goals with your company’s requirements and expectations.


Bad hiring practices can waste thousands of dollars.  NTR can reduce your companies hiring costs and improve your effectiveness using hiring tools that are proven to accurately predict performance and reduce costs.  NTR offers recruitment, screening, interviewing and placement services nationwide.


Onsite Staffing 

SitePro – is our onsite staffing solution for companies that need a large-scale temporary workforce, but can't afford to decrease productivity or overburden the Human Resources department. Our on-site management specialist makes employing a flexible temporary workforce a convenient, productive and cost-effective solution.


Help coordinate your flexible workforce with your daily business needs with an on-site manager. NTR’s on-site manager will be both motivated and prepared to advance your company's priorities.  When you have an on-site manager to coordinate, supervise and optimize the performance of your temporary employees, you'll enjoy:

  • One accountable contact person
  • On-site recruitment and retention
  • Usage reports to track temporary help costs
  • Computer access to NTR's extensive database of employees
  • Monitoring and reallocation of temporary staff  to eliminate overstaffing and unnecessary overtime

Having an on-site presence provides NTR with a better understanding of your needs and your corporate culture. This allows NTR to customize our services to better suit the objectives of your business.


Outsourced Professional Staffing


SourcePro – is our human resources outsourcing program which enables companies to more efficiently manage their resources to enhance their profit margins.  We accomplish this by relieving you of your non-productive administration such as HR compliance, payroll, benefits, and risk management

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